Born on January 25, 1974 in Lucca, Stefano Picchi takes the first steps into the world of music at age 10 when he begins piano lessons. At the age of 13, he starts writing his songs and playing his music together with a group of four friends, in a basement. Later, in his teenage years, he creates his own songs on the piano and guitar.
In 1992, he enrols at the local music conservatory “Luigi Boccherini” as a oboist, studying the instrument for five years. In 2001, he participates in the San Marino Festival, reaching the final stage of the music competition with “Ciao Charlie”, a song dedicated to the famous cartoonist Charles M. Schulz.Stefano Picchi is a singer and pianist, his music combines elements of Italian pop music with foreign influences that enhances the profundity of his topically oriented lyrics.In 2004, thanks to Tony Renis, Stefano Picchi gets a seventh place at “Sanremo Music Festival” with “Generale kamikaze”, a song that addresses the theme of peace seen through the eyes of a kamikaze soldier who believes in love, family, children and in an universal hope for a future built on brotherhood and mutual respect.

In the summer of 2004, he embarks in a concert tour, of 46 Italian cities, that contributes to increase the audience’s affection for a young artist with great communication skills.

In July 2004, he is invited at the famous “Lucca Summer Festival” to perform at the concert of a great artist: Alicia Keys. In December of that same year, thanks to Tony Renis, Stefano presents “Generale kamikaze” in a concert in Atlantic City (USA).

On April 22nd 2005, his first album, “Pensieri Sospesi”, is released: 12 songs, written in straightforward language, which thoroughly explore the feelings of his own generation.

In September 2005, Stefano is invited by Claudio Baglioni to participate in a music festival, “Oscià”, where he performs his songs, accompanied by Baglioni himself on the piano, and reinterprets one of Baglioni’s famous hits.

In the spring of 2008, his second album, “Il Muro delle Rose”, is released: it deals with a feeling timeline which finds its meaningful expression in the idea of an endless love that goes beyond everything. It is a goodbye snap-shot, that unconditional gesture of who becomes aware that love is the only reason for living a honest life. On the same year, he participates in the Italian TV show “Buona Domenica” where he presents the album’s lead single, “Il Tempo si Fermò”.

On July 5th 2008, Stefano is invited again, for the second time, at the “Lucca Summer Festival”. He has the honour to inaugurate the festival, together with a great Italian artist, Patty Pravo. On that occasion, he presents “Il Muro delle Rose Tour Concert”.

On July 27th 2009, Stefano is in concert in Moscow (Russia) where he performs his most popular songs.
On May 1st 2009, he co-founds, with his friend and musician, Meme Lucarelli, “H-DEMIA”, a polyfunctional centre for music training and production as well as cultural activities
In 2011, he embarks on a tour in Milan, Rome and Naples, with a world-famous artist, George Benson.

On October 2011, he records, in Motepellier (France), “Santiago de Cuba”, together with the famous band “Gipsy Kings”, and begins working on a project which has been developed later in 2012.

On January 20th 2012, on the occasion of the 25th birthday of Marco Simoncelli, a professional motorcycle racer died after an accident during the 2011 Malaysian Grand Prix at Sepang, Stefano launches the single “Marco piega a mille all’ora”. In agreement with Simone’s family, the single’s proceeds have been donated to the charity Marco Simoncelli 58 Onlus.

In 2013, he takes part in a tour with Massimo Ranieri in Belgium where he performs his songs and some cover songs revisiting the arrangement himself. In July of that same year, he duetted with Tony Hadley and Spandau Ballet at the music Festival “It’s Tissue” performing an unreleased version of the famous song “Through the Barricades”.

In 2014, he gives life to “A-ua-ta-nnè”, a meta-communication projects which rebuilds song writing process. The song’s lyrics are replaced by a primordial esperanto inspired to the wailing of infants. Thanks to the cooperation of Maurizio Vanni, art historian and emotional marketing expert, this project has also attracted the academic attention. On the same year Stefano presents “ A-ua-ta-nnè” at the “International Art Children Festival” in Beijing Cina receivng certificate of honor for the new communication code.

In 2013 Stefano writes a letter to Pope Francisco proposing him to write a song together using the most impressive sentences of his papacy.
The Pope accepts and through the Vatican Secretariat of State they sign a contract to regulate this unique project called “Ama e dimenica” (Love and Forget) with lyrics by Pope Francisco and music by Stefano Picchi. The song has been translated into 3 languages : italian, English and Spanish and in March 3 2017 is broadcasted worldwide. All the international headlines report the news of the first Christian pop music case in Italy.

On April 30th, 2017 he sings live in the presence of Pope Francis “Ama e dimentica” in Piazza San Pietro (St. Peter’s Square t.n.) in Rome, on the occasion of the celebration of the 150thanniversary of Azione Cattolica (Catholic Action, t.n.). On the same day he publishes the first guide book to “pop prayer”. The book, in addition to the story of this project, includes: the cd with 11 songs + the lyrics + handbook of chords for guitar and piano + photo album.